Biography of Alexey Leonov

Fine arts has one unique quality of following life transformations and therefore permanent modification. Every generation of painters, while implementing the achievements of antecedents, adds their peculiarities reflecting current life changes.

Take for instance the works of modern sculptor Alexey Leonov born 1982 in Ukraine. Being a gifted kid he felt craving for a sculpture since his early years. At the age of two years old he was making figures from plasticine and at five in the art studio from clay. In 1993 he was accepted to the State Art middle school named after T.G. Shevchenko, department of sculpture. In 2005 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Sculpture PhD Shvezova V.V studio. In his student's years he got interested in philosophy, world culture and history of religions. Alexey Leonov further perfected his artistic skills in the postgraduate school under the guidance of the academician Borodai, Vasily Zacharovich. In 2008 Leonov joins the Ukrainian Artists Union.

Leonov's art has unique features and innovations. It has become a breakthrough in artistic perception of human history. The sculptor stepped beyond the limits of a national school and evaluated existence using the foremost views of the 21st century, with the information space being the defining world feature.

As for the formal side of Leonov's works we can mention that they display a deep knowledge of the anatomical plasticity of the human body. Most of his works implement chamotte technique thus preserving specifics of the sculptor's moulding and making it similar to oil painting technique, when the painting from concept to completion is caused into being by its creator.

Alexey's arts have a meaningful positive charge, inducing people's unification, heartening people to moral and spiritual ideals.

For the period from 2005 through 2014 there were more than 50 personal exhibitions in the cities of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

His works now can be found in more than 30 cities world over, such as Chicago, Houston, Strasbourg, Le Bourget, Cologne, Varna, Mumbai, Calcutta, Beijing, Astana, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Irkutsk, Kaluga, Kiev, Simferopol, and others.